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Become a Technical Marketer

Finally, the Blueprint for Becoming a Technical Marketer

Even if You Can Barely Edit a Website,
Never Wrote a Line of Code,
Or Cringe at the Thought of Updating a Blog Post

Sail past learning roadblocks and technical jargon with the course designed for non-technical marketers who are ready to accelerate their growth. Learn proven strategies on creating viral growth, finding floods of new customers, and scaling companies fast.

“When I stumbled across Justin and Nat’s course I was jealous. Jealous that it wasn’t around while I was in college or available when I was just learning marketing.”

 – Noah Kagan, Chief Sumo at SumoMe

In Become a Technical Marketer, you’ll learn:

  • The principles that grew our email list by 387%, all without spending a single dime on paid marketing
  • The exact scripts that have helped us discover tens of thousands in lost advertising revenue (and how you can use this technique and apply it to any company in under 10 minutes)
  • How to “data mine” an entire customer list in under 5 minutes
  • How to implement your own social automation robots. Goodbye “social media gurus”!
  • The code basics you need to interface with any API and get data you need
  • And much, much, MUCH more

“After going through the Programming for Marketers email course, I had my entire team at Groupon go through it and I recommend it to any other “non-technical” marketer in the company. It’s been very helpful for them and even our PR/Coms people are starting to sign up.”

 – Stephan Heller, Groupon

The Struggle

It’s easy to see why “Growth Hacker” and “Technical Marketer” has become synonymous with high paying jobs and record-breaking success in products like Dropbox and Slack.

Technical marketing skills can bring customers in droves while making companies drool when they finally meet a real growth hacker. What separates the powerful few from the obnoxious (and broke) many is their ability to combine technical knowledge with marketing and growth chops.

After years of wading through overly dense materials and technical jargon, we’ve put together the most comprehensive course on technical marketing.

So no longer do you have be stuck thinking:

“But looking at code is confusing…”

“I’m still waiting on developers to give me data…”

I just want a job in marketing, but everyone tells me to go into computer science, but I hate programming…”

In this course, we give you the tools that will make sure you won’t get stuck having a migraine trying to decipher code, or wasting days waiting on developers.

You’ll learn how to break through the technical barriers, automate critical tasks, find new customers, and focus more of your energy on the excited creative work that made you love marketing.

We all know working “smarter” is preferred over the banging-my-head-against-the-wall “work harder” method. With this course, you’ll be able to do both. You’ll know how to automate the growth of your product and company, while having time to focus on higher leverage, higher income generating activities.

Think about this, you might spend 10 hours manually pulling data or deploying marketing tactics, but a Technical Marketer will have these tasks automated so he or she can focus on the right strategy that will destroy petty tactics.

“Starting in 2013, after the CMO realizes that he/she does not have the skill sets in place for data analytics proficiency, 50% of new marketing hires will have technical backgrounds.”

– IDC research of CMOs

At the core of every single successful company is a scalable away to get more customers. Growth-hacking and technical marketing are both about taking highly effective marketing tactics and automating them so you can figure out the next big win.

But here’s the pickle. We marketers and entrepreneurs didn’t take “Technical Marketing 101″ at school, and we’re not programmers. We don’t build the darn thing, we want it to grow like a weed! But every time we open a book or start a course on programming, one of a few things happens:

  1. We get hit with a bunch of academic principles and definitions, all of which are completely useless
  2. We become head deep in lines of code that we know nothing about
  3. We finally figure out some bit of programming, then are stuck wondering “how does this apply to marketing?”
  4. Or worst, we never get started because we can’t figure out where to start!

Which is why we knew there had to be a way to cut through the BS and find a simple way to get the critical tactics, strategies, and programming skills that would massively grow products.

After banging our heads against the keyboard for weeks, eyes tweaked out from searching every corner of the internet, we decided to put away the dense, overly technical approach and instead document our own.

Now we’re ready to give you the insider secrets of how to become a Technical Marketer. No BS, no jargon, just straight-forward kickass marketing magic.

“Justin and Nat are geniuses when it comes to simple, understandable, and actionable marketing courses.”

– Logan S.

Introducing Become a Technical Marketer

The “non-techie” blueprint to learn the proven strategies of building viral growth, finding floods of new customers and scaling companies fast, even if you can barely update a WordPress site.

You’ll get access to technical marketing modules, each having over an hour and a half of video content to help you learn how you can scale your company faster, boost your salary, and unlock the technical secrets that most marketers can only dream of

Technical Marketing 101

In this module, we cover how the web and its apps actually function, and the basics of programming and development.

We explain how web tech works on a high level, how to use your computer’s terminal to interact with pieces of code you want to use, how to add new functionality to your programming languages through “libraries”, and how you can get set up with Git and GitHub, the most popular code-sharing sharing software online, to work with other people’s software and projects.

You Will Learn:

  • How to use thousands of pre-packaged landing pages, automation scripts, and more with GitHub
  • How to run your first automation script (don’t worry, we’ll have the files waiting for you, so 95% is already ready to go!)
  • The foundation of technical marketing and how you can continue to utilize new resources
  • How to navigate your computer like a hacker you see on TV

Data and Customer Mining with SQL

Learn how you can use SQL to discover significantly more about your customers and users.

We strip out all of the unnecessary commands and scripts that database admins need to know, and teach you the core that will let you quickly hop into your company’s database and figure out anything you need to know. No more asking a developer to look up a piece of information for you, you’ll be able to do it yourself.

You Will Learn:

  • How to get any data about your company using SQL so you can instantly access any and all customer information and reports, including questions like “How many people churned last week?” “When people sign up, how many upgrade their account?” “What is average amount customer is paying us in last 30 days?” Where your best customers came from, your trial conversion rate, and much more
  • How to write basic queries to look up means, medians, and other aggregate data for your customers or users
  • How to find critical reports on your customers, regarding most profitable, recent churned, and much more
  • How to easily find your best customers to sell to, promote to, or reach out to
  • How to run cohort analyses and see how your customer base has changed over time

Building Your Own High Converting Landing Pages

Learn how you can get started building your own web pages, or editing other people’s.

We’ll explain the basics of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, as well as how to figure out any parts of them you don’t understand. We’ll teach you how to host a website and push your own custom code up to it. We’ll walk you through WordPress, a popular website framework that makes page building exceptionally easy. And we’ll show you how to use Bootstrap to build your own custom pages as quickly as possible, where 90% of the website building process is already done for you.

You Will Learn:

  • How to make a landing page with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript so you can create it exactly the way you want it
  • How to edit someone else’s HTML or CSS to get the changes you want (no more waiting on expensive web developers)
  • How to host your own website so you no longer get stuck paying high hosting fees
  • How to quickly put together web pages with zero or minimal programming using WordPress
  • How to make HTML and CSS page building 10x faster using pre-built code from Bootstrap themes

Automating Your Marketing and Tracking Engagement

Learn how you can automate as much of your social media as possible.

We’ll show you how to use “Huginn,” a popular web automation tool that adds to the functionality of Zapier. We’ll walk you through setting up your first Heroku app, a popular web framework for hosting your apps online.

And we’ll give you the code and explanation you need to build your own Twitter Automating HQ where you can automatically tweet content you want to share regularly, follow new people, unfollow your unfollowers, favorite tweets relevant to you, and grow your social reach automatically.

You Will Learn:

  • How to automate ongoing promotion of your evergreen content
  • How to set up a Heroku app so you can have full control of the best growth hacks on the planet
  • How to build a Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn content sharing robot
  • How to automatically follow, unfollow, and favorite relevant Twitter content
  • How to build a basic user interface in Heroku to control your Twitter robot

Automating Your Advertising to Save $ and Boost Conversion

You’ll learn how to automate your advertising the smart way using javascriptFor example, want to automate your adwords spend based on the time of day, of how certain companies are pricing their goods? We’ll show you how.

We’ll make sure you know how to harness marketing automation so you don’t have to dig through expensive tools, or hire low results, high-cost marketing agencies.

You Will Learn:

  • How to use javascript to automate your marketing campaigns to optimize your ad spend
  • How to pull from open API’s (ranging from the weather to Zappo’s retail data) and optimize your ad based on daily information
  • How to create simple yet powerful built in ad spend “triggers” so you don’t have to worry about lost marketing dollars
  • How to automate your ad reporting. No more wasting time pulling together spreadsheets or spending reports!

Building Scrapers to Automate Competitive Intelligence

Learn how to automate your competitive intelligence.

Worried that a competitor is more effective at content marketing, running better ads, or is releasing a major new feature? We’ll show you how to keep a tab on that (automatically) so you know exactly what you’re competition is up to. In doing so, we’ll show you how to use powerful scraping tools like, and how to code your own scrapers using Python and automate them to keep tabs on any information online you need.

You Will Learn:

  • How to utilize existing tools to build your own competitive intelligence automation machine
  • How to find highly effective headlines, blog articles, and evergreen content across your industry
  • How to track pricing information (on Amazon and more) so you know the trends of your product and industry
  • How to automate your scrapers to report information into a Google Spreadsheet or elsewhere, and run without you telling them to

Use APIs to Automate Your Tools

Learn how to write code to manipulate Twitter, Slack, and all your favorite tools.

Want to write your own in-house programs to manipulate your existing tools? Or quickly pull down your data from Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other social sites? Then APIs are for you. By learning the principles behind finding API libraries, reading their documentation, and writing code that interacts with them, you’ll be able to get access to data that other marketers can’t, and automate processes that they’re doing manually.

You Will Learn:

  • How to use other people’s code to manipulate your favorite tools
  • How to automate actions within tools like Slack and save yourself hours of manual work
  • Where to find other people’s API code so that you don’t have to write it yourself
  • More in-depth programming skills in Python to make sure your code runs smoothly

“Startup founders love [Justin and Nat’s] automation strategies because they can spend more time on higher ROI tasks for their business. On the other hand, people in marketing roles enjoy the income earning potential from adding to their technical skill set because of the high demand in the job market today.”

Nefer L., Founder of the Seattle Technical Marketers Meetup

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