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Sales Follow-up Email Templates

Everyone needs Sales Follow-up Email Templates that close deals.

For sales teams, email is a powerful communication tool. But, there’s an issue: everyone else loves email, too. 

In fact, nearly three billion emails get sent every day, according to Statistica. 

And, as of 2015, the average office worker received an average of 161 emails every day. It is easy to imagine that number has increased in the last four years, even with the rise of collaboration tools like Slack. 

When it comes to sales, email is ‘do or die.’ But you can’t just send out any old email, you need to strike the right balance of tone and information. You need to encourage action without being pushy. 

Sometimes, it’s hard to come up with the perfect turn of phrase. 

So, what’s a salesperson to do? Well, we decided to make it easy with dozens of templates for nearly any occasion. From that first cold email to the bitter end, we’ve got you covered with the perfect words to fit any situation. Simply copy, paste, add your own special touch and hit send! 

8 Key Tips for writing Effective Sales Follow-up Emails Templates

  1. Start with a killer email subject line that grabs their attention
  2. Make your pitch compelling and personalized
  3. Time your follow-up email to stay relevant but not feel overwhelming
  4. Create a consistent cadence and keep following up with every prospect
  5. Focus on the value that you can create for them
  6. Inject personalization or points of interest that the prospect mentioned previously
  7. Look for opportunities to follow-up naturally after an event or trigger
  8. Keep following up!

Sales Follow-up Email Templates to Steal for Any Situation

Whether you are looking for the right words to check in after a sales call, want to probe for a response without being pushed, or revive cold leads, we’ve got a template for you.  

Your Next Cold Email Campaign

Design suggestion: person sending an email, possibly in the cold or Artic. 

1.)The Short and Sweet Cold Email 

Use this when: Reaching out to a new prospect. The short length prevents wasting their time while staying focused on how you can help.

Hey [first name]

I wanted to reach out, because I have several ideas to help you [complete an important task]. Would you be available to chat next week on [day and time] or [day and time]? 

Thanks so much, 

[Your name and position] 

2. The Compliment and Offer 

Use this when: You find a post or resource online and want to reach out to the author/producer. 

Hey [first name]

I recently saw your [article/Tweet/Facebook post] about [topic or problem]. 

I think these resources [1] and [2] would be super helpful and wanted to share. I would also be happy to chat about how [your tool or product] might be helpful to you. Would you be willing to take a few moments to chat about it? 

Take care, 

[Your name]

email follow ups

3. The Re-Reach Out 

Use this when: You’ve reached out a few times and haven’t heard back. 

Hey [name],

I’ve reached out about [task/topic] but I haven’t heard anything back yet. I’d love a chance to [offer: free trial, demo, etc.]

I know you are busy, but I’d love a chance to show how we could help you with [task]. I know you won’t be disappointed! 

[name, company]

4. The Long, But Casual Cold Email 

Use this when: You have a good idea that the prospect might be interested, based on something they’ve shared online in the past. 

Hello [name]

My name is [name] and I’m part of the [company] team. In case you haven’t heard of us before, [company] is a [product and main benefit]. 

I was reading your post on [link] and I noticed you have used [competitor or related company].

Our [tool or resource]is similar, but it also [how it stands out]. 

Let me know if you have any questions – I would be happy to offer you [demo or free trial].. 

Either way, take care! 


5. The Mistaken Identity 

Use this when: You call a prospect but aren’t certain you found the right number. 

Hello [name], 

This is [name] with [company]. I just gave you a call, but you might have been busy. I get it! 

If you have a chance, would you give me a call back at [number] or shoot me a message letting me know when is a good time? I’d love to discuss how we can help with [task or problem]. 

Thanks so much, 

[your name] 

Following a Trigger Event

6. The Trigger Email 

Use this when: A prospect has downloaded an ebook, visited your site multiple times, or completed another task that indicates interest. 

Hi [name]

I saw that you [completed a task: read an email, downloaded an ebook] through our [the platform that lets you track this].  I hope the resources were helpful to you. 

I’d love to take the conversation further and discuss how we could help you [complete a task].  

I look forward to hearing back. 

Thanks so much for your time. 

[your name title]

Unfinished Business 

7. The Let Me Know Email 

Use this when: You’ve reached out, gotten a positive response but they are waiting on something before they can commit. 

Hi [first name]

I wanted to reach out and thank you for taking the time to talk on [day]. I enjoyed our discussion and look forward to continuing our decisions. 

You mentioned that you would need [unfinished task: check on budget/talk to the higher-ups, etc.] before making a decision. 

Is there anything else I can provide to make this task easier? Please let me know how I can help!

Thanks again, 

[your name]

After An In-Person Meeting

8. The Good Talk Email 

Use this when: You’ve met a prospect and want to remind them of your conversation. 

Hello [name], 

Thanks so much for taking the time to meet with me on [date]. I enjoyed getting to know you and discussing [relevant topic].  

Do you have any more questions or is there anything else I can do to move the conversation forward? Let me know how I can help! 

Thanks again. 

[your name, company]

9. The Nice to Meet You in Person 

Use this when: You meet someone at a trade show, networking event or conference and have a good conversation.  

Hey [Name] 

So glad we got to meet at [event]. I checked out [their website, a resource they mentioned] and really enjoyed [their take on a topic or a specific article]. I was wondering about your thoughts on [related resource or article]? 

Again, it was so nice to meet you in person, hope to see you again soon. 


After a Phone Call 

A missed phone call might go unnoticed, so try following up with an email to confirm you reached out. 

10. The After a Voicemail Followup 

Use this when: You called a client who was expecting your call but didn’t answer and you left a voicemail. 

Hello [name], 

I just rang you and didn’t get an answer. If you are busy, no worries. I’d be happy to set up a new time that works better for you. Let me know when I can snag a few minutes of your time to finish discussing [topic]. 

Also, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out. I’d be happy to help. 

Thanks so much, 

[name, company]

The Bitter End

Sometimes, letting go is hard to do. These email templates will give you the words to let go gracefully or maybe pique the client’s interest one last time. 

11. The Final Countdown Email 

Use this when: You are giving it one more shot. 

Hi [name]

I hope you’ve been well. I just wanted to touch base one last time if you would consider [task or solution]. 

No response needed if not, as I totally understand if you are too busy for requests like these.

In any case, thanks for your consideration thus far, and keep up the great work!


12. The Don’t You Forget About Me Email 

Use this when: You haven’t gotten a response, but aren’t quite ready to give up. Layout your points one last time, then move on. 

Hey [name], 

I’ve reached a few times and haven’t gotten a response. I understand that life gets busy or maybe you just aren’t interested. 

Either way, I won’t take it personally. If my timing is just off, please keep me in mind for [task or service you provide]. I think you’d be surprised by just how much easier [task] can be with the right [team, tools, etc.]. 

Keep my info on file in case you are even in need of [service/tool], and I hope you have a great week. 

Take care, 

[name, company]

After You Make a Change 

13. The We’ve Changed Email  

Use this: Reach out to past clients or those that didn’t quite close the deal after you change part of your process or add a new feature. 

Hey [name], 

I hope you are doing well! I wanted to check-in and see how you were doing with [task or problem they’ve previously mentioned]. We’ve made a few changes at [company], and I think you’d love the new look. 

Let me know if you’d like to check it out, I can offer you a [demo/free trial/discount] so you can get a feel for how [product/service] could help [benefit]. 

Take care of yourself, 

[name, company]

14. The New Us Email 

Hey [name], 

We’ve heard from a lot of people that [tool/process] wasn’t quite working as well as we’d anticipated. We’re sorry about that. 

We gathered up a ton of feedback, and, after a bit of self-reflection, we’ve made some big changes that I think you are going to love. 

Do you have some time to discuss our new look? I’d love to show you how we are prepared to help you [complete at task] better than ever. [ALT: Offer a free demo so they can try it out.] 

Thanks for reading, looking forward to talking more, 


Appointment Confirmation Email

15.  The See You Soon Email 

Hey [name], 

I hope you are having a good week. I just wanted to shoot you a quick email to confirm our appointment on [day] at [time]. 

[Clarify contact method: I’ll call you, I’ll see you at X location, etc.] 

I am looking forward to our meeting! Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions in the meantime. 

See you soon, 

[name, company] 

Letter to Reconnect With Client

16. The Long Time, No Talk Email 

Use this when: It’s been a while, and you want to remind a prospect that you are still there for them. 

Hey [name], 

I hope you have been doing well. Last time we talked you mentioned you might be interested in [product service] in the future. I wanted to check in and see if you are still interested?

Do you have time to chat [day]? I’d love to see what is holding you back. 

Take care, 


17. The Just Checking In Email 

Use this when: You want to reach out to a very cold contact or someone you aren’t sure is ready for a pitch. 

Hi [name], 

I hope all is well at [company]. I just wanted to check-in and see how you are doing? Anything I can help with? 

Looking forward to hearing back, 

[name, company]

18. The It’s Cold Outside Email 

Use this when: You want to revive a cold lead. 

Hello [first name], 

I haven’t heard back from you in a while, is everything okay? 

Last time we spoke, we talked about [touch on last conversation]. You seemed really excited about [benefit]. 

If I missed something, or if something is holding you back please let me know so I can fix it! 

Thanks so much, 



Sending follow up emails doesn’t have to be painful–for you or the recipient. By keeping it short and sweet, you avoid annoying prospects by taking up too much time. 

And keep in mind that these templates should serve as a starting point. Make sure to make them your own by adding relevant information and personal details. 

Then, get ready to watch those sales roll in. 

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Sales Follow-up Email Templates

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